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Our Humble Beginning


Green Life Coconut Products Philippines Inc. (GreenLife) is a social enterprise company based and engaged in manufacturing and processing high value coconut products for food, neutraceutical and cosmetic applications such as VCO, coconut sugar, and other high value coconut-based products. The founder, Mr. Francisco Rubio, a COCOFED Scholar, was raised by coconut farming livelihood in the remote island of Jomalig, Quezon Province. Being the innovator and initiator, he was the first to introduce “Kakang Gata”, a ready-made coconut milk in 1989.

In 2009, Mr. Rubio and his wife, Emelita Rubio, formally established Greenlife, a sole manufacturing enterprise. His innovative nature made him accomplish a VCO process that uses ANH (Absolute No-Heat) method. By this, in 2013, he introduced the VCO Standardization for the small VCO producers to sustain the quality and food safety of the product, and to meet the standards established and set by the Philippine National Standards. In 2015, the company became an organic certifed institution by international accrediting bodies (EU, JAS, USDA-NOP), and finally start to export after this, and secure other compliances such as HALAL, Kosher and FairTSA.


In 2016, Greenlife started to diversify high-value coconut-based products, especially on sap products such as Coconut Sugar and Coconut Sap Vinegar. In 2017, by his vision and social mission, Mr. Francisco Rubio won the Quezon Medalya ng Karangalan in the category of Agriculture and Business, promoting the high-value coconut-based products that could help to increase the employment and income of the farmers in the coconut industry.


“Become a leading producer of high value coconut products that will create jobs for the farmers and help the development in the coconut community.”

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